Interviews #5 and #6: Christine Haeberman & Ben Seton!

Our stars Christine and Ben take turns interviewing with Matt J. Horn. Check it out! (Click on their photos to see the interviews.)


Cast/Crew Profile #2: Benjamin Watts

When you make a monster movie without CGI, you need someone to be the monster. Actor and stunt performer Benjamin Watts IS The Millennium Bug.

Ben recalls working on the set:

A diet of Little Caesars pizza and sweat-covered “Fuller’s Earth” prop dirt speaks volumes as to what one is willing to endure to work with the Cran Brothers. The worst of it was a horrid “A and B” chemical mix, for some awesome smoke they needed to emit from the Bug’s head. With no mask or filter between the bug’s head and mine, it stung my eyes, burned my nostrils, and made me extremely nauseous. I’m surprised I didn’t spew in the suit. It’s really nothing to complain about because c’mon, I was the fucking monster. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. It’s totally worth the cancer I’m sure to get – I mean, folks like the flick, right?

I don’t remember actually seeing the smoke in the final film. Hmm. I should ask Ken about that.

Even on days I wasn’t scheduled to be on set, I would show up if my schedule allowed for it, just to be around all the creativity. Just going to that set to see the other actors and the newest sculptures was amazing. The team was a very intimate creative force that had such a love for the genre. 

Ben spent his formative acting years in Las Vegas under the tutelage of Walter Mason. He enrolled with The Second City in Vegas and performed bi-weekly at their SET shows, learning how to make an absolute fool of himself. Mr. Watts also had an affinity for traditional theatre and kept himself busy with multiple productions including Golden Boy, Lysistrata, and Orpheus Descending. Simultaneously, he founded an independent film company with a longtime friend and went on to write, produce, and star in short films. Since making his way to Los Angeles, he’s worked with Nippon Television, BET, up-and-comer Eric England, and the great guys at The Squire Film Shoppe. He’s currently promoting his comedic web series, Matchstick McCoy, and preparing for an untitled superhero project.

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