Movie Review #10: Igor’s Lab

Thanks to Anthony at Igor’s Lab for his great review of THE MILLENNIUM BUG:

“Kenneth Cran’s script is well written and entertaining…an excellent indie creature film that you can watch more than once…This goes to show you that Indie films can be good if done correctly.”

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Movie Review #3: GeekTyrant & AlienBee

Thanks so much to reviewer Brian S for posting his 4-out-of-5 stars review of THE MILLENNIUM BUG on both and

“…any monster movie fan’s breath of fresh air…I’d put it up against any studio monster movie, period! Godzilla, meet The Millennium Bug…Definitely a movie you can watch over and over again…I want a sequel!”

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Movie Review #2:

Thanks to for an AWESOME review. Read it here.

Movie Review #1:

Thanks to for our first review! Read it here.