Movie Review #5: Ain’t It Cool News

Sincere thanks to Ain’t It Cool News’ Ambush Bug (Mark Miller) for his kick-ass review of THE MILLENNIUM BUG:

“THE MILLENNIUM BUG plays out like a love song to all of the horror films we all grew up watching. There’s a dash of GODZILLA, a sprinkle of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, and hell, even a bit of JURASSIC PARK mixed in.”

Read the full review here.


Festival #3: Dragon*Con

THE MILLENNIUM BUG will screen at Dragon*Con in Atlanta GA (September 2-5). Festival passes are available here. Tickets for individual screenings will be released later, and we’ll announce it here.

How To Make a Giant Monster Head for a Horror Movie (BTS #4)

Movie Review #2:

Thanks to for an AWESOME review. Read it here.

Underwear scenes, Third nipples & Deformed hillbillies (BTS video #3)

Movie Review #1:

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